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Finding Targeted Keywords of Popular YouTube Channels

Any website or article will be optimised to specific keywords to get organic traffic based on the targeted keywords. Similarly, YouTubers, content creators or brands will optimise their YouTube video metadata such as title, description and tags targeting specific keywords. These optimised metadata can drive traffic to their videos.

Finding any YouTube channels targeted keywords

VideoLens — YouTube Analytics Platform

Finding any YouTube channels targeted keywords is very easy. Login to our YouTube analytics platform, VideoLens to analyse any YouTube channels and find their targeted keywords. VideoLens provides two options:
  1. Get latest YouTube videos targeted keywords
  2. Get popular YouTube videos targeted keywords

Analysing Latest YouTube Videos Targeted Keywords

VideoLens analyses the metadata of latest YouTube videos of any YouTube channel selected and it lists down the targeted keywords along with the strength of each keyword. The list will have targeted keywords found in YouTube video titles, YouTube video descriptions and YouTube video tags.

VideoLens — Latest YouTube Video Keyword Analysis

Analysing Popular YouTube Videos Targeted Keywords

This is similar to analysing the latest video using VideoLens. But here, it analyses the metadata of popular YouTube videos of any YouTube channel selected.

VideoLens — Popular YouTube Video Keyword Analysis

Demo Video on Analysing the Targeted Keywords of a YouTube Channel

This video from VideoLens, an YouTube analytics platform gives a demo on finding the targeted keywords of popular or latest YouTube videos of any YouTube channels

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